Conversation Starters for Substitute Teachers

When it comes to being a sub, you usually only have a day or two with students before you are moving on to another classroom. That means that getting to know them well may be difficult, but starting up a conversation with your students can help them get a feel for your teaching and you can get to know a little bit about them. Thanks to, there are over 15 different kids conversation starters you can use right in the classroom, and make it a fun activity.
Try sitting around in a circle when they first arrive in the morning, and ask each student to ask another student a question. Have them go around the room and listen to their responses, or if you have a younger crowd with less of an attention span, consider a different technique. Ask them when they walk in to raise their hand if they have an answer to your questions, and you can do this for ten to twenty minutes. Another way to make this a fun game is to cut out the printables, and place them in a basket. Choose a few students at random to come pick out a question, and have them discuss within groups the question, and share responses after.
Allowing students to talk about themselves not only helps you get to know them, but also allows them to feel comfortable around you! When that happens, you are able to lead the classroom successfully. For more ideas on connecting to students or how to be the best sub possible, please contact us. Thank you.

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