Comparing Jobulator & Sub Sidekick: Which Should You Use?

As a substitute teacher, you don’t want to be hitting “refresh” on your desktop all day and night trying to find a job. That’s where it comes in handy to have a service who takes care of the search-work for you and sends the jobs directly to your phone or computer. Many users have heard of Jobulator and SubSidekick and often ask which service is more beneficial.

In this post, we’ll be comparing Jobulator & Sub Sidekick to give an overview of both service’s features.


Jobulator is the official companion app to Aesop, the substitute placement tool from Frontline Technologies.

  • Works on your smartphone or desktop to alert you to open jobs.
  • Sends notifications through the app and allows you accept or reject jobs.
  • Despite being made by Frontline Technologies, Jobulator support is completely separate from their Aesop side and is easily overwhelmed.
  • Requires a download of the app since these are the only type of alerts they offer.
  • Is owned by Aesop and therefore ONLY works with school districts linked to Aesop. If a user works in a district which uses another service, they won’t be able to receive alerts from Jobulator for that district.

Sub Sidekick

Like Jobulator, Sub Sidekick also helps you find jobs in your districts, but works to provide a more comprehensive service overall. Here are some features unique to this app:

  • Has an app, but also sends email and text alerts, which Jobulator doesn’t.
  • Allows you to choose between mobile-app alerts and text-message alerts based on the users preferences.
  • If a user chooses text message and email alerts, those can reach them at anytime, not just when the app is up and running.
  • Does not require a download of an app OR the use of a smartphone.
  • Allows the user to accept or reject the jobs directly from the alert.
  • Has the ability to filter jobs based on personal preferences (certain schools, subjects, grade levels, etc…) so the user can receive the jobs they really want.
  • Allows users to receive jobs in any supported system (not just Aesop). Services supported include Aesop, SmartFindExpress, SubFinder, Substitute Online, and AtrieveERP.

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