Busting Student Boredom: 5 Activity Books

The days will soon grow shorter and colder. Kids will find themselves spending more time indoors, and they’ll undoubtedly grow bored. When it’s time to send your students home for the holiday break, give them a few ideas for boredom-busting activities. Their parents will thank you! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best activity and craft books that are sure to keep kiddos busy this winter:

1. The Boy’s Book of Adventure and The Girl’s Book of Adventure, Michele Lecreux. These two books are incredible resources, chock full of interesting things to do. Children will enjoy learning how to make their own musical instruments, how to take great photographs, and how to plan hiking and camping trips, among many other awesome activities. These books contain a wealth of information about a wide variety of subjects such as science, animals, astronomy, and crafting.

2. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit, Pat Murphy (and the scientists of Klutz Labs). Fans of LEGOs (which is pretty much every kid out there) will love this book. The book comes with numerous materials to help carry out the chain reactions. Ramps, signs, funnels, flags, and LEGO pieces all combine to make crazy creations that demonstrate the science behind chain reactions. Clear, detailed instructions and brightly colored pages make it super simple for kids to create their own incredible machines.

3. Cooking Class, Deanna F. Cook. Aspiring chefs will find hours of entertainment in this kid-friendly cookbook. Sure, there are loads of cookbooks out there, but this one is engaging, with simple recipes and step-by-step instructions. Stickers and decorative recipe cards add to the fun. Kids will learn to make favorites such as pancakes, pudding, applesauce, French toast, and pizza. The book stresses the use of healthy ingredients, teaching kids the importance of a balanced meal.

4. The Book of Slime: 33 Recipes for Stretchy, Twisty, Squishy Fun, Helena Macalino. Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with a child over the last year knows all about the ever-growing popularity of homemade slime. We may not completely understand the allure of this particular activity, nor do we like having it ground into our carpets, but one thing is for sure–it keeps kids busy. For hours on end. This book contains a wide range of recipes for all skills levels, so kids of all ages are sure to enjoy it.

5. The 50 States Activity Book, Gabrielle Balkan. This book is perfect for long car rides to visit friends and family over the holiday break. Students will fill their heads with interesting facts about the United States. Stickers, trivia games, puzzles, and maps make this activity book an incredibly entertaining geography lesson!

These books are filled with fantastic activities to keep kids busy and work their brains over the holiday break. Simply print up a list of suggestions to send home with each student. Parents can find some of these books at their local library, and others would make great last-minute holiday gifts! Please feel free to contact us to learn about other awesome activities to keep students busy on cold winter days.

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