Book List for The New Substitute Teacher

If you’re new to the world of substitute teaching, you may be wondering where you can go for help. Fortunately, there are a number of books for substitute teachers that will provide you with useful information, and here are a few you should consider purchasing for your own reference.

Substitute Teaching from A to Z by Barbara Pressman gives real-world advice from other substitute teachers, including tips on solving some of their biggest challenges. It also gives practical hints on choosing school districts, grade levels and subjects, so you are more likely to be happy with your assignments.

Substitute Teaching: A Handbook for Hassle-Free Subbing by Barbara Pronin is the ultimate guide for beginners, as it provides advice on how to get started, becoming qualified, and earnings information. It also includes bonus information in the form of activities, puzzles and brainteasers to use in your classroom as well.

A Guide to the First Year Teaching/Substitute Teaching is a free online book available from WikiBooks. It provides practical information for subbing in inner-city schools, and even provides a list of things teachers should bring with them to the classroom.

Substitute Teacher Handbook 7th Edition by Glenn Latham and Michelle Ditlevsen gives tips on becoming proficient at classroom management for beginning substitutes. It also has information on the legal aspects of subbing, in addition to teaching you how to use “fill-in” activities to help children learn.

Finally, to help you stay organized, The Substitute Teacher’s Organizer is an effective tool to keep assignments and lesson plans in for those who sub in grades K through 6.

These are just a few of the resources substitute teachers can use to become more effective in the classroom. For even more substitute teacher resources, contact us.

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