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Why the Best Substitute Teachers Have Lesson Plans

It can be tempting to enter a substitute teaching position without a backup lesson plan, since most teachers provide substitutes with a lesson plan that has already been prepared.  Nevertheless, the Best Substitute Teacher always has a backup lesson plan on hand.  Coming prepared is a great way to make a good impression and ensure that the day runs smoothly.

A Backup Lesson Plan is Professional.  A substitute teacher should of course use the lesson plan provided by the teacher whenever possible.  However, coming prepared with a backup lesson plan demonstrates a substitute teacher’s commitment to the position.  Preparing a backup lesson plan in advance demonstrates that the substitute teacher took an extra step to improve the quality of his or her teaching.

A Lesson Plan Keeps Kids Engaged.  Even when a teacher has provided a lesson plan, it may not be detailed enough to keep students engaged.  For example, perhaps the teacher mentioned that students should review for a test, but never mentioned the manner in which the material should be reviewed.  A prepared substitute teacher will have a few games and other review methods outlined in a backup lesson plan.

A Lesson Plan Fills Empty Space.  The lesson plans that teachers provide often are not long enough to fill an entire school day or class period.  Preparing a backup lesson plan allows a substitute teacher to fill the empty space with enriching games or class discussion, without the awkwardness of trying to fill unforeseen empty time slots.  This keeps the day running smoothly, and gives substitutes the peace of mind that they will be prepared to use the day to its full potential.

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Mary Hagons
Mary Hagons
6 years ago

I am not a teacher but I have attended college; and I understand the importance of a lesson plan. I had a conversation with a lady whose daughter is a principal from the north; and had to teach her teachers how to do a lesson plan; and they wonder why education is not the best in florida.

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