Best Professional Development Books For Substitute Teachers

If you are a substitute teacher, it is important to stay up-to-date on best teaching practices and professional development reading.  The good news is sub jobs often come with a few minutes to catch up on reading during the classroom teacher’s usual planning and grading time, which you may not need as a substitute teacher.  Or maybe the class is at lunch or recess, and you are stuck twiddling your thumbs.  A great thing to do during this extra time is read.  Many books have been written especially for subs like you!

Are you in a substitute teaching rut?  Does it seem that your job is basically the same day after day?  The book Substitute Teaching from A to Z by Barbara Pressman offers great tips and tricks that every sub can use.  You can buy this book here.

Having a rough day?  Are the kids being less than cooperative?  Could you use a little laughter?  How about reading Tales from the Teachers’ Lounge by Robert Wilder?  This book is full of laugh-out-loud tales that will have you falling out of your chair in no time!  You can find it here.

Could you just use a little encouragement?  Try What if There Were No Teachers? by Caron Chandler Loveless.  This is a book all about the importance of teachers.  Find it here.

Maybe you’ve decided to use your extra time to plan fun activities for future classrooms.  If so, you’ll love the book The Organized Teacher’s Guide to Substitute Teaching by Steve Springer and Kimberly Persiani.  It’s a great resource for dealing those what-if situations, like what if the teacher didn’t leave a plan? What if I’m asked to teach gym?  What if I have extra time and no lessons to fill it?  You can get this great resource here.

Good luck to you as you fulfill one of the noblest and most-needed callings!  And remember, you can always get lots of good information and inspiration at our site.

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