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The Benefits of Substitute Teaching

If someone is attracted to the teaching profession should they obtain their education first or get experience?  Working as a substitute teacher has a variety of benefits to accommodate people considering a teaching career, someone with education but no experience as well as someone with both education and teaching experience.  The advantages being a substitute teacher are attractive to people in many different situations.

Career Decision

Some people dream of being a teacher.  They think about the feeling of opening up new worlds to children and helping them develop into adults.  Like every profession, teaching has its downsides.  There is classroom discipline, lesson plans and dealing with the school administration.  Being a substitute teacher enables people to experience the reality of being a teacher, while comparing it to their perception of the profession.

Subjects and Grade Levels

In many school districts a substitute teacher can sign up to teach specific subjects.  While doing substitute teaching, a person may discover they like teaching math better than history.  Teaching science to children in elementary school is different than high school.  Each requires a different type of knowledge and skill.  Being a substitute teacher can help a person realize what they want to do in their teaching career.


After a person has spent enough time being a substitute teacher, they will know what school districts they want to work for and which ones they don’t.  Being a substitute teacher provides an opportunity to learn about how a school’s administration handles different issues and treats teachers.  It also gives the administration a chance to learn more about classroom performance and if the substitute teacher is a desirable candidate for an open position.

Flexible Schedule

The ability to choose when you work is attractive to many people.  Substitute teachers are able to turn down jobs on days when unforeseen things happen in their life.  They have the option of accepting longer assignments or waiting for ones that better fits their situation.

The important thing is for a substitute teacher to know what they want from their career.  If a person feels being a substitute teacher work better for them than seeking a full-time position, they should know all the benefits of substitute teaching.

Contact us today and learn about the many advantages substitute teaching provides.

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