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The Benefits of Substitute Teaching at a Private School

Substitute Teaching at a Private School can be a very rewarding experience. They can differ greatly from public schools and offer new learning experiences for both new substitute teachers and veteran subs.

Here are some benefits to subbing at a private school:

  1. Size – Private schools are often smaller, which means that the class sizes are smaller. This can be much easier to manage than the large class sizes found in most public schools.
  2. Frequency of Subbing – This can go both ways. Because the schools are smaller, they may not need Subs as often as public schools. However, because of their smaller size, it is easier to be recognized and remembered. If you do a good job subbing at a private school, you may find yourself on a ‘preferred list’ or a ‘short list’ of subs who get offered the openings first.
  3. Recognition – As you sub in the private schools and become more well-known there is the potential that this recognition will lead to you getting a job. In smaller environments you may be more well known, well liked, and if you have demonstrated yourself to be an effective substitute teacher than you may have a good chance at securing a position.
  4. Pay – This can vary greatly depending on the school, area, and funding available. You may find yourself receiving a higher pay rate than at the public schools nearby.
  5. Students – Students may be more focused and dedicated to their studies at private schools. Some private schools have a primary focus of preparing their students for college and pursuing lifelong careers. Additionally, you may find yourself building a rapport with these students which can be beneficial to their academic development.
  6. New Teacher Mentoring – Private schools may offer new or different forms of teacher mentoring that differ from that offered in public schools. Some public schools do not allow subs to take part in professional development or mentor programs; however, it is possible that private schools would be welcoming. Particularly as well educated subs will serve their school better.

There are just a few of the benefits associated with subbing at a private school.

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