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Benefits of WillSub for Substitute Teachers

Are you tired of receiving those last minute calls which evidently occur during the evening to substitute for a school? Do you find yourself constantly checking your messages for new assignments? To simplify your life as a substitute teacher, here are some benefits of using WillSub which provides an automated program to assist teachers, administrators, and substitutes in filling in for their job requests.

By setting up an account with WillSub, you will gain access to job requests customized to you. If you are only interested in filling in for elementary schools, then you can easily change it in your preferences.

You can also change how and when to be alerted of a new job request. No more late night calls! You can now go to bed peacefully. Recent update will allow your new job requests be sent to you via text message to your mobile phone. This added feature will definitely make it easier to receive new jobs in a timely manner.

WillSub is conveniently accessible 24/7 by phone or over the internet. Teachers can request substitutes online to cut back on administrative costs and save money. They can also leave specific notes for substitutes which will be helpful when filling in. They can also request a particular substitute as their preferred choice so it is important to make a good impression if you want to be notified again.

Payroll is included in this program so that every assignment is paid properly and securely stored for your records. With these advantages, your job search will be easier and hassle free.

WillSub is one of many job search websites that is available to you but if you are interested in finding out more information, contact us today!

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