Benefits of Using Subsidekick App

Finding and maintaining consistent substitute teaching positions can involve a lot of time, research, and energy. With the SubSidekick App substitute teachers can easily find, apply, and receive notifications on the latest opportunities. Let’s explore the benefits of the SubSidekick App and how it can work for you!

Filter the Jobs You Want

Instead of having to weed through a list of postings that may not be relevant to what you’re looking for, SubSidekick allows you to filter and set criteria for the positions you want based on assignment length, school preference, by keyword, and more. After setting your preferences you will get automatic notifications when a position that matches your criteria is posted.

Simplicity and Convenience

With the SubSidekick App, you have automatic secure login so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of logging in every time you want to use the app and you never have to worry about the safety of your personal information. All communications are encrypted to provide security for the user and to provide confidentiality and peace of mind.

Applying for a position should be fast and simple, and that’s why SubSidekick provides a direct link to the position you want to grab to save you time. Afraid you might miss a job posting?  No worries, with the SubSidekick App you can set alerts through your phone by audio or text message, so you never miss an opportunity.

So how can you get the SubSidekick App?  Well it’s simple! The app is available to download for both Android and Apple operating systems. Feel free to contact us and try the app out today to see how you can fast track your way to more substitute teaching opportunities!

Please note that at this time your school district must be using Frontline Absence Management®, SmartFindExpress®, or SubstituteOnline® for substitute placement or absence management.

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