Benefits of Absence Management for Substitute Teachers

As a multi-district substitute teacher, every day is a different story. Most of us find a niche that we prefer to stay in: a subject we know we can accept hands down, no questions asked. Problem is when the phone call comes, can we be certain that it is the right job for us and we won’t be missing out on another opportunity? Some of us sub for a living and need to work everyday but it is never fun to gamble a steady job in a subject in which we are uncomfortable just to hold out for a job that may never come.

Absence Management, which used to be called AesopOnline, has features that make all of this easier. It has made it possible to connect each of the three districts I sub for all together in one calendar where I can compare and contrast jobs and also plan for future weeks. All this done easily from my smart phone. My family calls it “fishing for green” as I refresh the page throughout the day to check to see if there are any available jobs (marked in green). Also when you accept a job, it lets the other districts know you are busy.

One feature I really appreciate about Absence Management is that it gives you the option to cancel a booked job up to 2 hours before it starts. Nothing is worse than waking up one morning ready to teach Shakespeare to discover you have no voice or to need a tissue box and hand-sanitizer glued to your hip. Now there is no stress about whether or not I have to decline a previously accepted job. Aesop asks me to click a reason for canceling but my day is free to rest up–after all, substitutes are subjected to lots of sickness.

Absence Management is not just for scheduling; it also allows us to leave feedback on the classes for the teacher to access and for us to look back on. Also, it keeps track of where we have subbed so we can remember details about the school and the students, as well as how many hours you worked. It also allows you to limit the schools you are willing to sub for. Many a time I have accepted a job and looked back to see I have taught the class before and then I read my comments to remember what did and didn’t work in that particular classroom. Thanks to Absence Management, I taught a particular class three times over a semester and each time I was better able to manage the class.

This last year, I was listed as a substitute teacher for four different districts. However, I only go to three. A big factor was that the district did not have Absence Management. They had created their own system which was hard to follow so I did not check it often. I ended up never teaching there because Absence Management allowed me to be busy enough that I never got around to figuring out their system.

Overall, Absence Management has changed the way substitute teachers work. With Absence Management, students are getting substitute teachers who want to be there and know enough about the field to be of help. It truly makes substitute teaching a much more enjoyable career.

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