Being a Better Substitute Teacher- Find a Mentor

When a person first starts as a substitute teacher it can be scary. You are walking into a new place with little information on what you will be doing until you get there. Every day is a new experience and every day is a little different. Many times a new substitute teacher may not know the staff at the school or the other teachers they will be working with. A key to being a better substitute teacher is to find a mentor. If you are working in multiple schools or buildings you may want to find a mentor in each place.

When choosing a mentor, you should look for someone who has been around a while. Someone who is friendly, willing to help, and has a general knowledge of all things within that school. It may take a few trips to that particular school before you find the right person.

A substitute should first talk to every staff member they come into contact with in a school. If you are open and friendly, most of the staff will be too. This will allow you to get a feel for who can be the most helpful.

Once you choose the right mentor, ask them if they will be willing to help you and give you some pointers. After they have agreed to be a mentor, use that person as your go to for any questions you may have.

A mentor does not have to be a classroom teacher. You may find it easier to talk to an aide who works in multiple classrooms, a specials teacher who deals with several different classes, or even the building secretary who knows just about everything about what goes on in a building. The key is to find a go to person to help you out when you are unsure.

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