Becoming A Preferred Substitute Teacher- Volunteer

Volunteering at a school can be beneficial in two ways for substitute teachers. First, it helps the teachers and in turn allows them to become familiar with you. Second, you will stay busy even when there is not any available jobs.

First, let’s talk about helping the teachers. Teachers always have a list a mile long of things they need to do but can’t find the time for. If you have a few extra hours, you can help them out. When you take a few hours of your own time to help them out they will very likely return the favor. When they are scheduling an absence and a list of available substitutes comes up, they will most likely recognize your name and choose you. Once a few teachers are familiar with you they will talk. They will tell other teachers how helpful you are and you will quickly move to the top of the request lists for many teachers.

Second, there is always the times of the year when very few teachers are out. They are saving their personal time and do not have a lot of training going on. Unless someone unexpectedly becomes sick, there just aren’t any jobs. Use this time to volunteer at the school. More than anything it keeps you busy and gives a sense of satisfaction for helping out.

Try to focus your volunteering to a specific building or age group depending on the set up of your district. The more familiar the teachers and staff are with you the more likely they are to request you. Also the students will become more familiar with you and be more comfortable with you being in their classroom when their teacher has to be gone.

It’s a typical case of “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!”

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