Become the Preferred Substitute Teacher in Your District by Joining the SmartFindExpress Network

As a substitute teacher, you are the person the district depends on when absences occur. Permanent teachers get sick, unforeseeable circumstance arise, and accidents happen. When things go wrong, make sure you are the one called to fill in by joining SmartFindExpress. School Districts nationwide are turning to this premiere software in absence management to fill positions when help is needed.

Being a SmartFindExpress sub means you are dependable and ready whenever duty calls. This software is known for filling absences with the best substitute teachers in the district. In addition to the ease of finding positions as a SmartFindExpress substitute teacher, you can easily become the preferred substitute and be the first sub contacted when your district has an absence to fill.

Benefits of Using SmartFindExpress

Automated Job Alerts – Sub Sidekick provides automated job alerts to substitute teachers allowing them to easily accept or decline opportunities as they become available. Alert types include mobile messages and email messages. Tips, tricks, and secrets for using the service are found on Sub Sidekick’s website.

Embedded Help Videos – The system has support videos placed directly in the interface available 24 hours a day. These help videos provide the assistance you need when you need it.

Access Lesson Plans – When teachers do not want students to miss out while they are away, they can enter lesson plans for their substitute to follow. These plans are easily accessible over the system so you will know exactly what you are teaching that day.

Text to Speech Instruction – Once an employee enters the details of an assignment into the system, SmartFindExpress converts the text into a recorded message for the substitute teacher. Upon accessing the system by phone, you hear the recorded message. It is as if the teacher is talking directly to you, which adds a personal touch to each offer you receive.

How to Join the Network

Becoming a SmartFindExpress substitute teacher is as easy as contacting your district to receive a system ID number. Once you have the ID number, you can register through the login page on your district’s website or by calling a provided network phone number. After completing registration, sign up for a free trial of Sub Sidekick to start receiving job alerts.

Becoming the Preferred Substitute

When placing an assignment in SmartFindExpress, the employee has the choice of requesting a specific substitute teacher or placing a general request. Once you have subbed at a school, you have a better chance of being chosen for more assignments. Make sure no one else is chosen above you. Follow these tips to become the preferred substitute and be the first choice for every assignment.

Show up on time, ready to fulfill your duty. If you are late, you’ll make a bad first impression. Get to your assignment early, and prepare yourself for the students before they arrive. Brush up on the school’s dress code before attending. Be courteous to the other teachers, and introduce yourself. A good first impression shows professionalism and an eagerness to teach. This helps secure your place as a first choice for the next assignment.

Follow instructions left by the teacher. The permanent teacher must get through a specific amount of information within the confines of the school year. Missing days can put a kink in that plan. Teachers are trusting you to teach the students so they will not fall behind. Closely following lesson plans keeps the students on track. It allows the teacher to rest, knowing that they will not need to catch up when they return. When teachers feel they can depend on you to continue what they started, they are more likely to call on you the next time they need to miss a day.

For more great tips on becoming the requested teacher, check out this blog post.

Get Started Now

SmartFindExpress is a great service that many school districts across the nation depend on to fill their absences. Substitute teachers are a very necessary part of any education system. Be the best substitute you can be by making yourself available and being ready to fill any role.

With easy-to-follow tutorials, tips and tricks for using the service, and customized job alerts that match your skills and preferences, Sub Sidekick can help you become the preferred SmartFindExpress substitute in your district. Contact Sub Sidekick for more information on the free trial and the services they provide.

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