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Become a AesopOnline Preferred Substitute

One of the unique features of AesopOnline is the ability for teachers to create a list of preferred substitutes for their classroom. Getting added to this list not only guarantees you more jobs, but will also give you the opportunity to work in the same classroom with the same students on a regular basis

Here are three easy ways to make sure teachers recognize you as an excellent substitute and add you as a preferred substitute:

1. Leave your mark

If a teacher doesn’t have a preferred substitute list already established, chances are you may have been chosen at random for the assignment. Unfortunately, this means there is little connection between you and the teacher. This can be easily remedied by creating profession business cards to leave for the teacher’s reference in the event of another absence. Professional quality business cards can be created for as little as $10. It’s well worth the investment.

2. Keep the teacher informed

Teachers like to know what happened in their absence. Be sure to keep accurate notes throughout the day indicating students’ progress as well as any behavioral problems you may have encountered. The teacher will be able to return the next day and pick up where you left off without any problems. Your consistency in doing so will make you appear more dependable, and therefore more likely to get added to the preferred substitute list.

3. Follow directions

As a substitute, you may occasionally find yourself in the position where you must use your emergency plans, but usually the teacher will have left you materials. If this is the case, that teacher has the expectation that you will follow directions to the best of your ability. This can be difficult because it sometimes puts you in a position as a professional educator where you may want to modify the lesson as you see fit for the benefit of the students. Remember that you are only seeing a snapshot of the overall unit and the teacher may have other plans ready for when he/she returns. By being a team player and following directions, you will prove yourself as a reliable substitute and the teacher will be more likely to add you to the preferred substitute list.

For more helpful tips to secure you substitute teaching jobs, visit our blog or contact us!

Photo © Kreg.Steppe

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[…] If you do your job to the best of your ability and develop strong working relationships with every teacher you assist, you can become an AesopOnline preferred substitute. […]

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