Become the #1 Preferred Sub At your Favorite Schools

Substitute Teaching can be a competitive career with many subs vying for each position. One of the best ways to secure as many positions as possible is to become a ‘preferred sub.’ These substitute teachers are chosen by certain teachers & schools as ‘top notch’ subs that they know they can trust each and every time. To become a sub that every school wants to have back again & again, there are several useful substitute teacher tips for you to follow.

  • Be Prepared

Always arrive at work early. This gives you more time to prepare for your class and solve any concerns you may have about your assignment before the class begins. It also gives you some time to become familiar with the room you are in and learn where all the material is, such as books or laptops. It is also important to follow the lesson plans prepared instead of disregarding them. Be sure to give a full report at the end of class.

  • Be Professional

Give students a fun environment they can learn in while still keeping classroom conversation professional and relevant to the lesson. Add your own activities only after the lesson has finished.

  • Learn Names

You want to make sure you learn and remember as many names as you can. If this is difficult, you can have the students create name tags to put on their desks to help you learn their names. If they feel that you know them & like them, they are more likely to ask their teacher to have you back.

  • Clean Up

Always leave the classroom looking the same as, or nicer than it was when you arrived. Make sure books and supplies are back in their place and the floor is clean.

  • Grade Work

Try to grade as many papers as you can to leave for the teacher. If you are unsure of what the teacher wants, leave them as they are. Make sure to stack papers neatly on the desk.

Keep these tips in mind to put you on the ‘preferred sub list’ for years to come. For more information, please contact us.

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