Back to School Freebies for Long-Term Substitute Teachers

Back to school! If you’re working as a long-term substitute teacher this fall, you know that you can never have enough resources. However, since most substitute teachers are operating without a classroom budget, it’s essential to take advantage of free resources.  Check out these awesome back to school resources that will help make your fall a real success:

One thing that is imperative is making the classroom feel inviting. These classroom decor signs provide inspiring quotes to help teach character education and inspire positive thinking. The awesome quotes will look fantastic in your classroom and will serve as a daily reminder to your students to make positive choices.

Starting back to school also means getting to know your new students. This can be a lot of fun! Make this experience enjoyable and educational with Teaching With a Mountain View‘s All About Me: Math Style. Your students will love creating their math project and they’ll be showing off their math skills in the process.  As the teacher, you’ll get a quick glimpse at all the different math levels in your classroom.

Finally, check out It’s the Little Things “It’s Back to School Time” freebie that will get your students writing right away. This activity will get your students thinking about the upcoming school year while re-activating essential writing skills such as brainstorming, comparing and contrasting, and narrative writing. The best part about this activity? The writing samples produced would be a great starting point for student writing portfolios and will help you measure student growth throughout the school year.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of all of the free resources created by other great teachers in your school. They’ll help ensure your smooth transition into the best school year yet.

Do you use any other great, free resources during the back to school season? Comment below to share your ideas and resources with our other readers!

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