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AesopOnline’s Preferred Substitute Teacher Program – Is It Fair?

If your school district uses Absence Management, formally AesopOnline, to manage teacher absences, you should be aware of the preferred substitute feature. When teachers and school administrators assign select substitutes the preferred status, those substitutes are given the opportunity to fill some or all open positions before other substitutes are alerted.

Aesop offers this feature for the convenience of teachers and school administrators, but there are some advantages for substitute teachers as well:

  • Aesop has the potential to match your education, experience, and preferences with ideal openings within your school system. The better matched you are to a position, the better you can perform on the job.
  • Just as teachers are likely to have preferred substitutes, you are likely to have preferred teachers. You can spend more time subbing for those preferred teachers and less time subbing for random teachers.
  • You are more likely to feel appreciated when your school system utilizes the preferred substitute teacher feature. This is one way teachers and administrators can show that they value your hard work.

It is true that these advantages are enjoyed only when you are listed as a preferred substitute for your school district. If that seems unfair, think about it from the perspective of a teacher or school administrator. The most efficient way to ensure the best fit for every classroom is through the preferred substitute feature.

Teachers are more comfortable leaving their classrooms when they are familiar with the substitute filling in for them. You are likely more comfortable when you are familiar with the teaching style preferred for a classroom and the lesson plan being taught. Students are more comfortable with substitutes that they have worked with in the past. Everyone’s needs are met through the use of a preferred status system.

If you do your job to the best of your ability and develop strong working relationships with every teacher you assist, you can become an AesopOnline preferred substitute.

Do you want to be among the first to know when substitute positions are open in your school district? Contact us to start receiving alerts today.

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Jodi Gunter
Jodi Gunter
6 years ago

Well I love Aesop and have Jobulator as well which is really nice instead of having to wait on a phone call from a school to sub for them like the old system.

The problem is that I live in a small town and they already have their picks and cliques which is not fair. I thought school personnel and teachers taught fairness but this is not when they do this. I paid the same fee and went through the same application process as the next sub locally so it’s worse than politics.

Seems like that is a form of showing special treatment and or a form of discrimination when a system is not fair for all in the work force.


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