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A Summer Guide for the Substitute Teacher

As summer comes crashing toward your doorstep, it is once again time for substitute teachers to devise a plan to get through the coming months. For all, it should be a time for some relaxation and reflection. For others, it is time to boldly go where a school year cannot take you.

For some folks, this means keeping up financially. Since substitute teaching is at a premium during the summer, some may want to look into teaching for a summer school or summer camp. Begin looking early in the spring for the best chances at obtaining a paying job. Other professional endeavors may include summer nannying, sitting, or tutoring. This will keep you current working with the population that you most want to deal with, whether the environment be leisurely or paced to progress in an area of study. Scoring standardized testing might be an option depending on where you live.

Besides employment in areas dealing with children, other types of seasonal or part time jobs can be found. Some areas near big cities or tourist attractions will need people to fill all sorts of roles, from bicycle tours to selling burgers at a local ball game, cleaning hotel rooms to fishing. Find your fun spot and follow that to a job that’s right for you during the hot summer months. Other possible options include temp agencies and house painting to round options out.

For substitute teachers who wish to extend their professional side, summer is a time to improve your credentials. You could take a course online or from a local college. This is one way to update your certifications or increase the CEUs going toward that status. Some workshops travel throughout the summer and set up shop in hotels, where they rent a hall to teach the masses when teachers can get refreshed on the latest in skills and techniques. It’s a great opportunity to keep up with the local curriculum. Networking is a sidebar to these gatherings to know where the best places to sub are located. Another is to be ahead of the game by seeing if your district uses the latest technology, Sub Sidekick, to get substitute teachers in place quickly. Contact us to see if you are ready for the upcoming school year.

No matter how a substitute teacher decides to spend their summer months, it is always a goal to have a plan that will help you maintain or gain your strengths into facing a new school year fully refreshed both personally and professionally.

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