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A List of Substitute Teacher Tips

Being a substitute teacher isn’t an easy feat. Students that are normally well behaved for their usual teacher can often be difficult when a substitute comes in. If you are just beginning your career here are some substitute teacher tips that you should know.

When you accept any job as a substitute, make sure to look at a map of the school district. It is important for you to arrive at the school on time. You want to avoid traffic at all costs, even if you have to leave a few minutes earlier than you normally would. If you happen to be early, just remember that it is always better than being late. It shows that you are reliable and it will give you time to get to know the classroom. When you arrive find out where the teacher keeps extra supplies and don’t forget to ask where the lunch room and copy machine are.

Each school has a different way to handle fire drills. Find out how the school handles them, so if there is ever a fire drill you are prepared. Ask another teacher where your class goes in case of a fire drill. It is also a good idea to know where lesson plans are located. If you are subbing because there was an emergency, the lesson plans may be located in the office. Carry a blank seating chart with you, as one may not always be available. When the students come in, ask them their names and fill out the chart.

Keep track of the days you teach, in case there is a mistake in your payroll. To do this we recommend carrying a small notebook in your purse or bag. Write down the date, room number and the name of the teacher you subbed for. You may want to take notes on different schools as well, in the event that you get called back and need to be refreshed on policies. Make sure to let the students know that you are in charge and everything should go smoothly. If you want more information please feel free to contact us.

Photo © NaliniPrasanna

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