A Fun Emergency Lesson Plan for the Home Ec Teacher

Being a substitute teacher is a great job because it offers you so much variety in your normal days. You’re less likely to get tired of your job, because each new sub job offers new and exciting challenges. The flexibility substituting can offer is also a large part of the appeal for many substitute teachers. Of course, sometimes being a substitute means that you have to think on your feet.

Most teachers are great about leaving you with a lesson plan for the day, but when a teacher has to leave unexpectedly they don’t always have time to make a plan. When this happens in a specialized classroom (such as Home Ec or any other type of specialized class), it can make the day even a little more challenging. Because of that, we have a fun plan ready for you just in case you ever find yourself in need of an emergency lesson plans for a Home Ec Teacher. This lesson can also be modified to fit many other types of classes, simply by using the premise of letting students create their own plan for a proposed situation.

This lesson involves giving the students a culinary challenge without getting their hands dirty, in our Home Ec. lesson plan that we call the “Reality Show Challenge.” Chances are your students have seen at least one or two episodes of a cooking reality show where competitors are given specific ingredients and asked to create a meal out of them.

In this assignment you’ll be giving them a chance to plan out what they would do if put in the same situation. On the board, write out a list of ingredients that students are allowed to use in their culinary challenge. Remember that part of the fun is giving them unique or strange ingredients and leaving out a few ingredients that might seem necessary at first.

Let them split into groups of three or four and ask them to plan out a full meal. Have them write out recipes for the meals they would create with the ingredients on the board. (If you want you can allow the students to choose the ingredients all together at the beginning of the class, but feel free to veto options to keep it interesting.) If time remains when students are finished have each team present the recipe they have written and let the rest of the class discuss it and offer suggestions.

At the end of the day you can leave the students’ recipes and a description of the assignment for their regular teacher, and perhaps, when they return they will let them really cook the recipes they have crafted.

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