5 Ways to Become a Preferred Sub This Year

Substitutes can be heroes to students and teachers. A teacher’s absence can disrupt the learning environment, but a substitute can make sure the transition is calm and pleasant. Substitutes who follow the following guidelines will often times become preferred substitutes in school buildings.

Show up early

As a substitute, you will be coming into a situation that is unfamiliar in most cases. By showing up even five minutes earlier than expected, you can read the sub plans, find the restrooms, and set up the classroom before students arrive. By arriving early, you’ll be more comfortable with the plan of the day, and you will be able to welcome students into the room when the bell rings.

Enjoy the children

An absent teacher can provide some anxiety to students. If you show up ready to enjoy the children, you will more than likely calm their nerves and set them up for a great day. They will realize you are there to help them through, and they can more easily get to work. Kids can tell whether or not a substitute wants to be in the room. This is your opportunity to save the day by smiling, welcoming them into the room, and answering their questions as best you can.

Work through the plans

The events of the classroom will provide challenges throughout the day. Try your best to work through the teacher’s plans. If you aren’t able to complete some of the tasks, leave notes as to why. Teachers don’t expect things to go perfectly, but if they are aware of what setbacks occurred in the plans, they are better able to picture what went on during the day they were gone, and then they can adjust accordingly.

Meet the other teachers

Before the school day begins, seek out another teacher who is in close proximity to your assignment. This person can help you find the schedule, the restrooms, the lunch room, and any supplies you might need. Throughout the day, socialize with the other teachers. Not only will this make your day more pleasant, but other teachers will see that you enjoy substituting. You will be on their sub-radar the next time they are absent.

Report consistently

At the end of the day, have a consistent reporting style that is your own. If you hand write notes, make sure they are legible.  For the majority of the day’s summary, focus on the positive. Teachers do need to know about severe problems, but small issues that will not affect anyone at the end of the day can be omitted. If your sub notes are done by way of email, having a template that you consistently use with your name and contact information on it can be a nice way to leave your mark. Write the successes of the day, any plans that were brought to completion, any tasks that didn’t get completed, and any issues you may have had. End with a positive note about being in their classroom. Your signature is where you can remind them that they can call you when they need a substitute again.

For more information on how to become a preferred sub, contact us today. Substitutes are so important to our children and our teachers. By following the tips above, teachers will know you are a person they want to have in their classrooms.

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