5 Ways to Improve your Resume When Looking for Full Time or Long Term Sub Jobs

Your resume is one of the most crucial components of your application for jobs. Sometimes it is looked at even before your cover letter. Why? Because your resume is a concise list of your experiences and can help prospective employers decide if you are a candidate worth pursuing.

Here are 5 Ways to Improve your Resume when looking for a long term sub job:

1. Most Recent Teaching Experiences – Be sure to include your most recent teaching experiences. Even if you are subbing for multiple school districts, be sure to list each one. All teaching experience looks good on resumes.

2. Non-Pertinent Work Experience – In many cases it is best to go with a ‘targeted’ resume, or a job specific resume. In other words, if you are applying for a teaching job then there should mostly be teaching related jobs on your resume. Keep in mind that you can use some creativity with this. For example, being a camp counselor may not be the same as a teacher, but can show a track record of working with school aged children and coordinating activities.  Make sure the work experiences on your resume are relevant, applicable, and recent.

3. Objective or goal – It is nice to put a job goal or objective at the top of your resume, something that correlates with your ultimate career goal. Where do you want to be? Do you want to be a high school English teacher?

4. Specific Details – Nearly every applicant will have subbing experience. You need to provide specific details that make your experience more suited to the job opening than others. Example: List what grade range you have subbed for. Did you learn how to use Smart Boards or other technologies available in the classroom? Did you ever get to proctor state assessments? Some other things that could be included could be subbing on field trips, grading tests, supervising student teachers, etc. This is where you can demonstrate your vast and unique experiences to prove your skills.

5. Key words – If your application and resume was submitted online, chances are there may be a computer program that will search the resume for specific keywords and action words. Or whoever is sorting through the resumes may be asked to look for certain words. (You may hear them referred to as buzzwords.) Research what the current trends are in education, look at the job listing to see if there are any words that stand out. Another tip is to investigate the school district’s website. Take a peek at their mission statement because that often describes the focus of their schools.

Here are just some tips to help spruce up that resume in preparation for looking for long term subbing jobs. Please contact us for more tips and tricks.

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