5 Fantastic Books to Inspire Your Students During Great Outdoors Month

Keeping students’ attention can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially when the bright June sun is shining through the window and a fresh summer breeze winds its way through the classroom. Your kiddos are itching to get outside, and there’s nothing wrong with that! After all, June is Great Outdoors Month–so why not embrace their love of the outdoors and help them make the most of it? Share these awesome reads with your students and their outdoor adventures are sure to be imaginative and unforgettable.

1. Sam and Dave Dig a Hole (Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen). Kids love dirt. Why? No one really knows. We do know, however, that their favorite thing to do in the dirt is to dig. Digging holes seems to be a cherished, timeless activity, no matter how many fantastic video games or apps the world comes up with. So it makes sense that children are fascinated by this story about a pair of adventurous boys on a mission. The pair is sure that the hole they’re digging holds something quite marvelous–it’s just going to take some patience to find it. This story will have your kids giggling and exclaiming at each twist and turn of the boys’ incredible adventure.

2. The Camping Trip that Changed America (Barb Rosenstock). Chances are, a few of your students will enjoy a camping trip or two this summer. This book will show them how a very important camping trip from long ago inspired the creation of our country’s delightful national parks. Your students will enjoy following Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir through the impressive, uncharted Yosemite area on a historical adventure. The back of the book includes extra information about the pair’s love of the great outdoors and the important steps they took to preserve natural areas throughout our country.

3. 101 Things for Kids to Do Outside (Dawn Isaac). This incredible book will get even the most stubborn couch potatoes and gamers moving this summer. The book is packed full of fun, interesting, and adventurous outdoor activities that are perfect for those long summer days (and even a few winter ones!). From weaving bird’s nests to hosting mini Olympics to flying homemade kites, these activities are sure to make any kid appreciate nature. You can encourage your students to find the book in their local library, or make photocopies of a few of the best activities and hand them out for the kids to take home.

4. A Stick is an Excellent Thing: Poems Celebrating Outdoor Play (Marilyn Singer). The fun, lyrical poems in this collection are perfect for read-aloud time in your classroom. Watch as your students’ imaginations soar as they listen to delightfully charming rhymes about some of the best things to do outside. Endearing illustrations are bright, colorful, and sure to capture kids’ attention.

5. The Tea Party in the Woods (Akiko Miyakoshi). The woods are a magical place filled with curious creatures and fantastical sights. This fairy tale will encourage your students to embark on their own imaginative outings. Kids will get lost in the story of Kikko’s journey through the woods and her fascinating find–a whimsical cottage filled with talking animals. Not only do the animals talk, but they are also dressed to the nines and invite Kikko to join them at their enchanting tea party. Beautiful black-and-white illustrations boast pops of bright colors throughout the pages to add a special touch to the story.

Nature is truly a spectacular place. The month of June is a wonderful time to celebrate the great outdoors. Encourage your students to cherish the beauty of nature and use their imaginations to create their own incredible adventures. These books are a fantastic way to share the magic of the outdoors. Please feel free to contact us to learn about more ways to encourage your students to play outside.

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