5 Benefits of Using Subsidekick

As a substitute teacher, it can be daunting to wait for news of a job. And when a job alert comes in, you want to make sure that you don’t miss it. That’s where SubSidekick comes in. Here are 5 benefits of using SubSidekick:

1. Text Message Alerts.

SubSidekick can send you a text message when a job is available. This text will include all relevant details, such as the start date, school, employee, title and duration. You can even accept the job through a direct link to the job accept page.

2. Email Message Alerts.

Alerts can be sent to your email inbox and will also include all of the details you need about the job.

3. Audio Alerts.

If you’re near your computer and on the SubSidekick job alert page, you can be notified about job postings thanks to a loud audio clip that’s played when a job is found. Then you can get to your computer and accept the job.

4. Filters.

You can update your settings and filters so you get only the notifications that you want to receive. The keyword filter can search for specific job titles, schools or employee names, and the time filter can find assignments such as full-day jobs.

5. Support for Multiple Platforms.

SubSidekick works with substitute placement and absence management services such as AesopOnline®SubFinder®SmartFindExpress®SubstituteOnline®, or WillSub®, but other services can be added if you let SubSidekick know.

As these benefits show, SubSidekick can help erase the worry about missing jobs and keep you connected to your school district. For more information, please contact us.

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