5 Benefits of Being Notified of Jobs on Your Cell Phone

As a substitute teacher there are many benefits of being notified of jobs on your cell phone, particularly through text messaging and emails.

Here are 5 top benefits:

  1. Convenience – Thanks to the systems being used by most school districts, we can now receive calls on our cell phones, through text messages, and even by emails. We do not need to stay home, sitting next to the phone, or arrange our lives around the calling times.
  2. Less Disruptive – Receiving text messages or emails to get substitute teaching jobs can be much less disruptive than the ringing of a phone. You can still receive your assignments without interrupting sports matches, family dinners, and other important events.
  3. Reliability – While definitely not foolproof, there is a certain level of reliability with cell phones and emails. Traditional landlines may be at the mercy of the weather. However, you can access your email at any computer or smartphone with internet service. With the exception of needing to be charged, cell phones are not at the mercy of your home having electricity.
  4. ‘Written Record’ –  Receiving emails or text messages for your job assignments gives you a written record to look back on. You can double check the information, make sure you are not double booked (if working for more than one district) and keep an accurate record of where you have subbed or will be subbing.
  5. Updated Daily Planner – Many emails and phones offer the ability to transfer dates and times into a calendar or planner. Often times secretaries ask you if you can come in the next day if there is a last minute absence. By having this information accurate and up to date, you can easily let them know if you are available. The organization and reliability will help your reputation.

As our schools become more technologically savvy, expect to see more new trends in subbing. Please contact us for more tips and tricks related to substitute teaching.

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