4 Great Perks of Substitute Teaching

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 626,750 substitute teachers in the United States.  Substitutes play a crucial role in education and engaging students in the absence of the regular educator.  Working with the young people who will shape America’s future is just one of the many benefits of substitute teaching. There are many other reasons it pays to be a substitute teacher.


Substitute teaching is one of the most flexible part-time positions available.  Most school districts have a call system or online booking system allowing subs to take advantage of available opportunities.  If you have other obligations, you can simply note yourself as unavailable.

Evaluate the Teaching Field – Career Changers

If you are considering a change in your career, a substitute teaching position can provide you with the perfect opportunity to determine whether a future in teaching might be right for you.  Substitute teaching affords you a chance to work with children across many grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school).  One day you could be a substitute for a first-grade class and the next, standing in for a high-school Spanish class.

Chance to Become a Preferred Substitute

Many times substitute teaching opportunities are filled on a first come, first served basis.  However, if you do a great job and establish a rapport with the school staff, they may decide to call you ahead of other substitute teachers, providing for a potentially more regular source of income.

Short-Term and Long-Term Opportunities

While most substitute teaching opportunities are for daily teaching needs, in some cases, there are more long-term opportunities available.  If a teacher goes on maternity leave or if there is an open position that has not yet been filled, a substitute is often hired to cover the class until the teacher returns, and in the case of an open position, a replacement has been found.

Substitute teaching provides many benefits to those seeking to work part-time or may be pursuing a career change.

If you have any questions about the benefits of substitute teaching or you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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