3 Tips To Better Communication With The Classroom Teacher

Communication with the classroom teacher you are filling in for is one of the most important parts of being a substitute. When I was a full time teacher I remember many times coming back from an absence to find nothing from the substitute letting me know how their day went. This can be very frustrating for the classroom teacher and there is a good possibility they will request that you not work in their classroom again. Of course the teacher will always try to ask students for as much feedback as they can but we all know how reliable that can be. Here are three ways to better communicate with the classroom teacher.

1. Leave a note. Not just Bill and Nancy were absent, we had a good day. Use detail, break the day down into sections and give a few notes on the details of each section. Be sure to let them know any students who were not behaving properly, as well as a list of students who worked well or were extra helpful.

2. If they leave you their phone number, send them a short text message at the end of the day. Don’t be too detailed with this but make sure to give them a brief run down of the day, thank them for allowing you to work in their classroom and let them know there is a detailed note on their desk.

3. Follow up. The next time you are in the building, make time to swing by and visit with the classroom teacher you worked for. Thank them for having you, ask if your performance was satisfactory, and ask for any feedback they have for you. Reassure them that you know there is always room for improvement and you are open to constructive criticism.

Teachers prefer substitutes that are approachable and open minded. Also if they can put a face with a name they become familiar with you and will probably ask for you again!

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