3 Apps That Make Learning A New Language Easy

Let’s face it, learning a new language is difficult and time-consuming. A second language is always a good tool to have in your repertoire. Even if you are not fluent, it is a skill that will open up numerous employment opportunities. Read on to discover three amazing apps that will make learning a new language fun and easy.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps. Duolingo makes learning fun by using matching games, fill in the blanks, and example conversations. The app has an extensive list of languages to learn, from Spanish to High Valyrian. Duolingo tracks your success through modules. There is no moving backward in Duolingo, only forwards. Of course, you can easily go back to review each module when you need to brush up on a certain skill. With over 100 million users, Duolingo is a good option. 

2. Memrise

Memrise is a lot like Duolingo, but focuses more on the memorization of a certain skill or vocabulary. The app uses flashcards and games to improve memorization. It is a great app to use hand in hand with Duolingo. Memrise has a larger selection of languages than Duolingo, since all lessons are member created. There are many lessons that were created to compliment popular language learning books, so the app is a good option to consider before spending money on an expensive language book.

3. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a wonderful app that helps you to improve your conversation skills. The app gives you the ability to talk to a native speaker in the language you wish to learn. Usually, they will help you in exchange for help with their English. This is a great opportunity to try different conversation activities that could help English language learners in a class. Conversation practice with this app comes in the form of voice and text chats. Users are able to correct each other’s messages using a built-in correction tool within each chat. HelloTalk is a great way to meet new friends overseas while learning a new language.

These three apps are free to use. They will provide a fun and easy way to learn a new language so that you can assist in foreign language classes. Sub SideKick is dedicated to connecting substitute teachers with the perfect job. Are you ready to be a substitute teacher in foreign language classes? Then contact us to create an account and stay alert. 

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