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Automatic job alert system for substitute teachers

What is SubSidekick?

What our substitutes are saying...

It's an amazing service. Takes away the stress of checking Aesop continuously. -Amy

It's the reason I'm making money now! -Bailey

I could not work as much if it was not for SubSidekick. -Michele

It's a perfect service. I usually have my whole week scheduled by Sunday. -Tyler

Awesome, jobs come to me! Very convenient! -Israel

Great customer service and easy to view alerts. Keep up the good work! -Kelly

I love it. Makes it easy to pick up the job that best matches my abilities. -Nick

I love getting job information automatically! -Carelene

It is the best decision I ever made! -Ashlynn

It has saved me hours of searching for sub jobs. Love it! -Janice

I've been with SubSidekick for over a year now and my calendar is very full, thanks! -Amy

It's been working quite well for me, totally worth the price of admittance. -Scott

You'll never regret having Sub Sideckick help you look for jobs. I love it!! -Lucia

Wow! This is going to help out more than you know! Thank you so much! -Laura

Absolutely LOVE SubSidekick. I've been using it since Sept 2010. Totally worth it! -Kristine

It has been great getting jobs in advance! -Lauren

It's so much easier to have SubSidekick! It is automatic and I love it! -Lynda

SubSidekick is great. Has surpassed my expectations. -Jimmie

A worthy investment! Two years and counting! -Phyllis

I was so impressed that I signed up again this year! -Emma

Awesome! -Cindy

Love it! -Rose

Just started the free trial two weeks ago! LOVE IT!! -Devan

I love it! Super helpful! -Amanda

I love getting the alerts for jobs! -Patricia


Automatic log-in and continual checking of your AesopOnline® online system for available jobs. Licensed services such as PESG, KASS, TOC, S4T, SAMS, BOCES, and more are also supported!


Receive an email, text message, and audio alarm when a new job is found. Supported devices include the iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.


Speed matters, that's why our notifications include a direct link to accept a job.


Set criteria to filter jobs based on title, location, employee, date/time or duration.


Get job alerts without manually checking the AesopOnline website or downloading any software.


Communications are encrypted to ensure your information is safe and confidential.