Using Aesop Online with Multiple Districts

If you are employed as a substitute in multiple school districts, you know that it can be a challenge to manage your daily jobs and keep assignments organized. Fortunately, AesopOnline has the functionality to create a multi-district pin number that will allow you to access and schedule across any number of schools and districts.

After logging in using your multi-district pin number, jobs from across your districts will appear in the Available Jobs tab on the home page. Because jobs are already compiled and organized by date, finding available teaching assignments is easy. As an added convenience to you, each posting will also display the school name as well as the district.

Using a multi-district account on Aesop does not prohibit you from searching jobs for only one specific location. In the Available Jobs tab, click on Filter in the upper right corner. A secondary checkbox menu will appear that lists all of your districts. You can check and uncheck them as necessary to filter available jobs.

In most cases when creating a multi-district pin, Aesop can automatically detect your associated districts by searching its system for your name, contact information, and other personal data that is on file. If a district isn’t automatically detected, or you would like to add an additional district to an existing multi-district pin, it can be easily added to your account. Navigate to the Preferences tab and click on the District List. Click on the Add a District button and enter your Login ID and PIN for that district. The district jobs will now appear in your Available Jobs tab.

Using Aesop makes managing assignments easy. For more ways to get the most out of substitute teaching, contact us. Have you used a multi-district pin on Aesop? Tell us about it in the comments!

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