Tips for Becoming a Preferred Substitute Teacher

School is back in full swing! If you would like to be getting more work as a substitute teacher, one thing you can do is to become a preferred substitute teacher for one or more teachers in your district.

While some substitute jobs are listed for all available substitutes, other substitute jobs are given specifically to requested substitutes. If you would like to start receiving personal requests for your services, here are a few simple things you can do to gain favor with the teachers you are filling in for.

  1. Take Notes – Take notes throughout the day about how things go and what is working well. At the end of the day, leave the teacher you filled in for a letter about the day they missed. A teacher loves to be able to pick up where you left off, and when you leave them good notes about the day, they will appreciate being kept in the loop.
  2. Win the Students Over – Of course your job isn’t to cater to the students’ every whim, but remember that how the students like you will matter to their teacher. A teacher doesn’t like to come back to a lot of complaints about the sub, it makes them feel bad for missing a day of work. Have a handful of educational games to play with students when they’ve finished their work early, and spend some time getting to know them, so that they enjoy the time you spend in their classroom.
  3. Engage – If you notice a student struggling, take the time to explain the information in a new way. Sometimes an outside perspective can be invaluable in catching up a student that is behind. Solve problems as you encounter them and you will soon be an asset that teachers look forward to having fill in for them.
  4. Help the Teacher – Leave the classroom in tip-top shape! Being out for a day(s) is already hard enough on a regular classroom teacher. Make sure they come back to a clean classroom with everything in its place. Going above and beyond here is the first thing they’ll notice when they walk back into their classroom. Remember, they are the ones who usually choose whether to call you back and will tell their colleagues if you made their time away easier than normal.

If you want to make receiving substitute jobs quick and simple, please contact us, and find out how to receive job notifications directly on your cell phone.

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