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Three Tips for Handling Stress

While we look forward to this time of year for the excitement of the holidays and spending time with family, it is likely that the holidays may be a stressful time for many teachers. Finding time to plan and implement classroom parties and holiday activities is difficult when juggling personal holiday shopping, decorating, and meeting their own family needs. With this in mind, the time of year that is intended to bring the most joy is often accompanied with the most stress.

Do not let stress ruin your holiday. Instead, implement the following tips toward making your season stress-free.

Three Tips For Handling Stress:

  • Exercise: While adding one more routine to your already crammed schedule sounds counter intuitive, know that experts at the Mayo Clinic assure us that exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. Getting up just twenty minutes earlier in order to work in a brisk walk or a short aerobic routine will do wonders toward mitigating the harmful effects of stress on your body.
  • Laugh: It has been well documented that there are distinct health benefits to laughter, including increased relaxation, a boost to the immune system, a fresh release of endorphins, and increased blood flow to the heart. Besides the physical benefits, there are distinct social and mental benefits as well. So pop in a favorite comedy while you’re trimming the tree. Listen to an hour of stand-up comedy while you’re cleaning the house. Hang out with your best friends over a warm drink while sharing a laugh over the adventures of the past year. You will not be sorry.
  • Pamper Yourself: Like everything else in your life, this probably needs to be scheduled, but having a routine for unwinding is equally as important as having a routine for getting ready for the day. Be sure to make time for whatever relaxes you, whether it is a good book, a massage, a hot bath, or just lying in the dark listening to your favorite music.

Managing stress is not always easy, but the mental, physical, and social benefits make it well worth your while.

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