Six Steps to Being the Requested Sub

Most school systems have a large pool of substitutes.   How you do move past being just another sub to being the first sub requested?

First: Maintain professionalism.  First impressions are important.  Follow the school’s dress code and arrive on time. Introduce yourself to the teachers near your classroom. If you have questions, be sure to ask someone before the day begins rather than interrupting a teacher during lessons.

Second: Try your best to maintain classroom management.   Teachers on either side of your classroom notice if a classroom is noisy or quiet.   For suggestions on classroom management, read our blog post, Classroom Management Made Easy.

Third: Follow lesson plans.  By following the teacher’s plans, you reduce her need to play catch up when she returns. .

Fourth: Clean up at the end of the day.  A teacher loves to start her day to a tidy room.   If you have extra time, straighten up the reading books or sharpen pencils.  These small actions will leave a big impression on a busy teacher.

Fifth: Smile at students and staff.   Even if you’re exhausted and need to force a smile, the staff with tell the teacher you were a pleasant sub to have in school.

Sixth: Leave a note explaining the day. Let the teacher know the good things that happened.  Let her know how impressed you were with something in the classroom, like her science area. Be sure to thank her and clearly write your first and last name when you sign the note. Let her know your subbing schedule.

As more substitutes are alerted electronically, sites such as AesopOnline and Willlsub, include teacher requests in their programs. By following the six steps listed above, you will assure a teacher that you are the one to be requested. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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