Parent-Teacher-Conferences: Tips for the Long-Term Substitute Teacher

As fall arrives, so do most parent-teacher conferences. Conferences provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to develop a strong rapport with parents and guardians, as well as the chance to help create plans for a successful school year.

If you’re a long-term substitute teacher, it’s possible that you might end up participating in parent-teacher conferences.  If you want to navigate your conferences like a veteran teacher, be sure to spend ample time preparing, get your students involved, and don’t forget to include positive feedback!

Consider these three helpful tips as you prepare for your parent-teacher conferences:

Plan Ahead

Preparation is the key to success, especially when it comes to conferencing with parents and guardians. To prepare for conferences, compile important information about your students. Create a folder for each student, and place copies of student artifacts inside. This folder will help drive the conversation during your conference, and it will be useful information for the parents to take home with them.

Things to include:

  • standardized test scores
  • report cards or recent grade activity
  • classroom management data (behavior logs, homework alerts, etc)
  • samples of student work

Get the Students Involved

While most schools do not include students in conferences, it is still important to have the students thoughts and goals represented. Prior to conferences, have students complete a self-evaluation survey, such as the one found here. This will give the parent insight into their children and will motivate them to get or stay involved in their child’s educational progress and goals.

Don’t Forget the Positive Feedback

Remember not to spend all of your valuable conference time discussing negative behaviors or trying to solve problems. Just like students need praise, parents also need to hear about their child’ strengths and successes.  Prior to your conference, jot down 1-2 of each students’ strengths that you can share with their parents.  The positive feedback is uplifting, and it just may inspire the parent to become more involved in helping their students meet their goals.

Do you have any special ways of preparing for parent-teacher conferences? Contact us today to share your great ideas!

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