May I Park Here? Questions to Consider When Subbing

As a substitute teacher, there are helpful hints you probably didn’t learn in your substitute teaching class. But following these seven hints can help make your day run more smoothly and can even make you stand out from other substitutes in a positive way.

1. As you drive into the parking lot, try not to park in the spots closest to doors.  Although there are no assigned parking spots, some teachers tend to have a favorite that they have been parking in for years, often the ones closest to the doors.

2. Before school starts, locate a teacher’s bathroom that’s closest to your classroom. Also, find out who can cover your class if nature calls during class time.

3. Are the students overly energetic? Ask if it’s okay to take them out for an extra recess. If so, make sure the doors stay unlocked or are propped open so you can get back in.

4. Is it okay to drink the coffee in the teacher’s room coffee maker? Often, teachers pool their own money to buy coffee. Before pouring, ask if it’s okay to have a cup. If you’re doing a long term subbing job, offer to contribute to the coffee collection.

5. Be careful about school gossip. If a teacher comes to you and starts to complain about the teacher you’re subbing for, politely change the topic. You don’t want a reputation as a sub who gossips.

6. Ask how the copy machine works. Is it okay to step out of the room to make an extra copy of a worksheet while students are in the room?

7. Finally, it’s helpful to know what time you’re expected to leave and what you need to do to clean up at the end of the day.

So next time you get that morning call or accept a subbing job on AesopOnline, keep these eight hints in mind for an enjoyable day as a substitute teacher.

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