The Importance of the Flu Shot for All Teachers!

Many people discuss the importance of the Flu Shot for Teachers particularly during this time of the year. Everyone is coming down with colds, reports of the influenza virus are on the rise. Many doctors advocate the flu shot for the elderly, young, and those who are in contact with the public. Teaching is one of those professions.

As with everything there are some possible negative consequences of choosing to have a flu shot. Some of these may include an allergic reaction or even getting the flu anyway!

However, the numerous benefits are enough that any teacher, even substitute teachers should consider getting one.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Many insurances offer flu shots for free or reduced rates. Even if it  is not covered by insurance the fee for a flu shot at your local pharmacy is often much less than the cost of medication or missed work should you get the flu!
  • As a teacher you come in contact with a lot of students and their possessions. It can be very easy to get sick from your students!
  • You do not want to pass the flu on to your students! Once an illness enters a school many students and employees end up sick.
  • By not getting sick you are able to remain in school and help keep your students on track!
  • Some students may have compromised immune systems which prevent them from receiving the flu shot themselves. By trying to prevent yourself from getting it, you are helping to protect them.

These are just some reasons why to consider getting the flu shot. The relatively painless shot may be worth the many benefits. Schools incubate plenty of illnesses, so why not try to reduce one that actually could be reduced?

Keep in mind that if you are not able to receive the flu shot, there are other ways to try to remain healthy. You can use hand sanitizer and keep door knobs, keyboards, and other areas prone to collecting germs clean. If you have an allergy to eggs or other ingredients in the shot, then you simply cannot receive it. That does not make you a bad teacher or person! Just health conscious!

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