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How to Cancel a Job using the AesopOnline Service

We’ve already told you how easy it is to accept a job using AesopOnline, but occasionally the need arises to cancel a job that was booked using Absence Management, formally known as AesopOnline. This may be because another more desirable job opportunity became available, or perhaps something came up on your personal agenda. Regardless, cancelling a job is easy – just follow these simple steps.

First, log in to the system using your ID and pin number. By default, the page will display available absences. Since you intend to cancel a job rather than reserve a new job, click on the “Scheduled Absences” tab. This tab will display all upcoming jobs scheduled through AesopOnline. Locate the job you wish to cancel. Click the red cancel button located in the upper right of that job’s description. The system will prompt you to confirm the cancellation. It’s that simple!

Just a warning – Some jobs cannot be cancelled because you either do not have permission in the system, or because it is too close to the start time for that job. If this is the case, contact the school immediately to notify them of your cancellation. You should always try to present yourself as a dependable substitute. You do not want to make a negative impression that may hinder future employment opportunities.

AesopOnline is a robust system to help manage substitute teaching jobs. Despite all the excellent features, navigating the system is intuitive and easy. Feel free to contact us for any additional help. AesopOnline will assure that you get the jobs you want, when you want!

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  1. Donna


    I retired from Source 4 Teachers a month ago and asked them to remove me from AESOP, since employees no longer have that option. Since then, AESOP has been calling me daily, beginning at 4:15 AM!

    I’ve called and emailed S4T with this problem, with no result. What can I do?

    • Hello,

      Are you still having this issue? The Aesop website says the best way to handle this is to contact your school district and ask for the Aesop Substitute Coordinator. I hope they are able to help you!

  2. Sofia Arroyo

    Trying to cancel a job, but it does not give me the option to.

    • Not all school district have the option to cancel jobs enabled. In addition, some jobs can only be canceled X hours or days before the job occurs. It all depends on how your school district has configured the system. As a last resort, you can always call your Aesop Substitute Coordinator to manually cancel the job.

  3. Mary

    Would like to know how to recover an accidentally deleted job?

  4. Jon R. Maxwell

    I recently was hired by a school and will have no need for jobulator app. I have contacted my administrators and they have taken me off their list, does this mean they has cancelled me out of their system and I won’t be charged the monthly fee.
    There is no one to call, I cant get in with my username and pin, so I take it I am cancelled but not sure . Help please.

  5. Chelsea

    I accepted a subbing gig too early I haven’t finished my paperwork for the school. How can I get myself out of the position of subbing?

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