Get Involved in Summer Youth Activities

Once the school year ends, it can be difficult for substitute teachers to find opportunities to still be involved with school activities, children, and education. Planning, hosting, or helping out at a summer youth activity is a perfect opportunity for those who enjoy working with kids and educational aspects. It is also a great time to become familiar with students and get to be known with the community.

As you begin planning summer youth activities –camps, religious school, daycare events, or family activities– there are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind as you gear up for a safe and fun experience:

Have a Safety Plan

Summer youth activities usually have a good turnout of kids, which makes it very important to have an updated safety plan for you and your team to turn to when allergic reactions, injuries, weather, and other situations occur. Your summer safety plan might consider:

  • first-aid procedures
  • emergency evacuation routes
  • severe weather procedures
  • sexual abuse prevention
  • bullying precautions

If you do not have a safety plan ready for the summer, Guide One Insurance offers some guidelines and ideas to get you started on a plan that will ensure a safe summer activity!

Employee Screenings

Both employees and volunteers are an essential part of a successful summer activity. However, before you entrust them to work at your event, it is important to run proper background checks on them. Background checks prevent the hiring of a criminal or a sexual predator. This resource further explains why screenings are important and how to properly ensure you are hiring safe employees and volunteers.


The biggest goal of a summer activity is to prevent accidents that could result in injury or damage. There are a number of things you, employees, and volunteers can do to prevent youth risks that could cause these accidents to happen:

  • establish written rules/guidelines for youth and staff to be aware of
  • carefully monitor and supervise all activities
  • train leaders and volunteers beforehand
  • collect permission and medical forms signed by parents
  • keep contact information from parents in case of emergency
  • inform parents, staff, and volunteers of plans, hazards, and safety procedures

Make it Fun

After safety comes the goal of having an enjoyable summer activity for all who attend. Be sure to take precautionary measures and follow the safety plan, but also be sure to make it fun! Plan activities that are both safe and benefitting to the youth attending.

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