Five Options for Professional Development During The Summer

It’s only natural to think about taking care of some professional development during the summer. In making your plans, don’t forget to consider these following options.

Option One: Travel. Since you’re planning a personal vacation anyway, why not connect part of your trip to a particular subject matter? Visit Civil War battlefields, the homes of famous writers, or tour tech hubs such as Google headquarters. Ask questions, take pictures, and scribble down impressions to share with your students during the following school year.

Option Two: Attend Workshops. Many community colleges and universities offer summer workshops for educators. On the West Coast, even Stanford offers summer workshops through its Center for the Support of Excellence in Teaching. These workshops center on secondary humanities, middle school mathematics, and elementary science. Naturally, Stanford isn’t the only prestigious school to offer such opportunities. Search online for professional workshops in your own area to see what’s available. Then sign up fast, since spots tend to disappear quickly.

Option Three: Try a Webinar. If workshops are not feasible for you, webinars can be an affordable and time-efficient alternative. See for a list of free webinars available right now.

Option Four: Take Online Courses. A good place to start would be with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. ASCD currently offers three online courses: “Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success: Instructional Coaching Essentials”; “Total Participation Techniques”; and “Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom.”

Option Five: Double Down on Summer Reading. Read great novels, books on teaching and classroom management, biographies, histories, and poetry. Read inside your subject matter to deepen your understanding and outside your field to promote differentiated learning.

Of course, there are more than just these five options for summer professional development. For more ideas on this, or to learn more about substitute teaching, please feel free to contact us.

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