Classroom Management for the Substitute Teacher

Classroom management is the name of the game for substitute teachers, and adaptability is the key to success. Substitute teachers welcome the challenge of new students, new classrooms, and new curricula on a regular basis. And although they sound daunting, these variables are not obstacles to the substitute teacher with consistent and effective classroom management skills. Classroom management is the key to creating a positive and productive learning environment for students.

Enthusiasm: Successful classroom management is rooted in enthusiasm. A teacher that expresses authentic interest in the students and the subject matter will fare much better than a disengaged instructor. Fully commit to every interaction and reap the rewards of an attentive class.

Choice and Redirection: Teaching is not a one-way street. Encourage student participation by offering controlled choices. It may seem inconsequential to let the class decide between working on the dry erase board and the chalkboard, but students appreciate decision-making. When students appear restless or on the verge or disinterest, redirect them by offering a choice. Students that feel empowered have less drive to disrupt the learning process.

Positive Reinforcement: Take the opportunity to praise commendable behavior. A well-deserved compliment is a powerful tool in the classroom. Students are more motivated by praise than by admonishment. Be purposeful and poignant in offering positive feedback and students will respond in kind.

Classroom management can be refined over time. Reading current research and theory can help teachers hone their skills. And substitute teachers have a unique opportunity for improvement in this area. Each new job posting on SubSidekick represents a fresh start and a brand new opportunity to practice. With proper attention and focus, a substitute teacher can demonstrate enviable classroom management to lifelong educators and administrators.

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