Classroom Management for The Last Months Of School

The end is near, and the children can sense it. As soon as we get into April and May the students become a little restless knowing that school will be out for the summer fun. They have so much energy and excitement that it is hard for them to focus on their school work, especially when they have a substitute teacher!

Classroom management can be a little more difficult in the last couple months of the school year as a substitute teacher, but it’s best to acknowledge and go along with their summer excitement, rather than fight it.

If you notice the classroom is getting a little chatty, ask the students to take a short break, stretch, and then show them a calendar and ask them who can figure out how many days are left until Summer break begins. For younger students, you can ask them to figure out how many week days are left vs. total days. Then ask them how many Fridays are left, or how many total weeks.  If you have older students ask them to calculate what percentage of the school year is left. The mental math will be good for them and acknowledging their excitement may help them focus after the exercise is done.

You can also tell your students that for every 20 minutes of good, focused work they do with no interruptions for disciplinary reasons you will let one student come up and share what they are most excited to do over the summer break. Or for students who are not interested in sharing, you can reward hard work with free-time to chat at the end of class. This late in the school year, rewards will work better than punishments when it comes to classroom management.

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