AesopOnline Basic Training Video Overview

The AesopOnline Basic Training Video provides an excellent overview for new users of the Aesop Substitute Teacher Service. Click here to watch the video, which covers the following topics:

How to find and accept jobs

Aesop provides a calendar that makes it easy to search out and reserve jobs. Available jobs are color-coded on the calendar and can be viewed simply by clicking on the date. Jobs can be sorted on the calendar using tabs at the bottom of the page. Once a job is accepted, Aesop issues a confirmation number and the job will appear in the scheduled jobs tab.

How to manage preferences

Changing your phone number and email in Aesop is easy. After logging in to your dashboard, click on the Preferences tab. As a substitute teacher, you will want your district to have ready access to your contact information. The more accessible you are, the more likely to receive job requests. In addition, Aesop will send you email notifications in the event of job changes and cancellations. In the Preferences tab, you can also change your pin number. This will make it easier to log in and check job assignments.

How to make use of training and help materials

Aesop includes a wealth of help documents and tutorials. These are found in the Help tab on the dashboard. These include user guides and phone guides as well as an interactive page overview. These are available to you anytime you are using Aesop or when you feel like you may need additional training.

In addition to the AesopOnline Basic Training Video, Sub Sidekick can help you make the most of the Aesop System. Our service provides email, text, and audio alerts, as well as advanced filtering options that allow you to maximize your potential to land the substitute teaching positions that you want most. Contact us to learn more!

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