AesopOnline Advanced Training Video Overview

If you have read our AesopOnline Basic Training Video Overview, you’ll know that Aesop is more than just a substitute calling service. It is an all-inclusive management system to make finding, securing, and preparing for substitute teaching jobs easier. The system is fairly intuitive, but don’t overlook some of the advanced features! Below you’ll find explanations of some of these advanced features, as well as the Aesop Advanced Training Video:

Scheduled Jobs Tab

The Scheduled Jobs tab indicates how many upcoming jobs you have. In addition, this is where additional details are available, such as contact information for the teacher as well as attached lesson plans. The scheduled jobs tab makes it easy to search through all jobs and keep track of materials and information that is crucial for the job assignment.

Non Work Days Tab

If you have a day when you know you will be unavailable to accept any jobs, Aesop makes it easy to remove that day from the calendar. Non-work-days can also be scheduled to repeat weekly for recurring obligations that you may have such as another job or childcare limitations. When a date is listed as a non-work-day, Aesop will know not to contact you about open jobs for that day.

Job History Tab

The history tab provides your previous jobs in both calendar and list view. This is especially helpful in maintaining your records as well as quickly recalling the details for previous jobs.

Preferences Tab

Another option in Aesop is the ability to set up multiple districts. This allows you to choose which schools you’re interested in working for, and which ones you are not. You can find this option in the preferences menu by clicking on “schools.” This is a great way to customize the Aesop experience to best fit your job location preferences.

Also included in the preferences tab is the call times option. You can decide when and in what timeframes you want to contacted by Aesop about potential jobs. These parameters can even be applied to specific days of the week to best suit your busy schedule. If you use the Aesop website exclusively to find and accept jobs, you can also turn off the calling feature in this section of the preferences tab.

For more information about Aesop, the advanced training video is available here, or feel free to contact us. Sub Sidekick strives to help you make the most of the Aesop experience so you will have access to more of the substitute teaching jobs that you want.

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