Subs: Get Your Class Laughing With These 5 Funny Books

Do you sometimes get nervous walking into a new classroom? Do you sometimes have a hard time getting the students to come out of their shells (or more importantly to come of YOUR shell?) Filling in for a regular classroom teacher is difficult and can be stressful for the students as well. First impressions are everything in this situation, and you want to make your new students feel comfortable in your care right from the start. What better way to break the ice than sharing some good old belly laughs with your new kiddos? Check out these fantastic funny stories for some read-aloud fun with your new class. And don’t forget – kids of ALL ages like to be read aloud to :).

1. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Kids will undoubtedly enjoy listening to the wrongly accused Alexander T. Wolf tell his side of the story about what really went down with those three little pigs. Alexander explains how his reputation for being a villain is really just a big misunderstanding, and the wacky, over-the-top illustrations will really drive his point home.

2. Dragon Gets By. This story is a perfect ice-breaker, as students will relate with poor Dragon’s tough day. The lovable blue Dragon wakes up a bit groggy, and everything is downhill from there as he continues to make one mixed-up mistake after the next. The mix-ups are quite comical and Dragon helps show us that we all have a bad day once in a while.

3. He Came With the Couch. Your students will enjoy this colorful journey with Sophie and the new-found addition to her family-the furry blue monster that came with her couch. And stayed with the couch-through a barrage of zany adventures. This silly story will teach kids why it is important to keep an open mind.

4. Parts. You’re certain to hear some giggles when you read this unusual story to your new class. Follow one boy’s increasing anxiety about the weird things happening to his body. Ailments like peeling skin, belly button lint, and a lost tooth all lead him to one conclusion-he is literally falling apart!

5. Interrupting Chicken. This charming story will make everyone smile. It is a warm and fuzzy tale topped off with loads of laughs and colorful illustrations. Papa Rooster attempts to read Little Red Chicken some of her favorite fairy tales, but she gets so wrapped up in the stories that she just can’t help but shout out dire warnings to her fairy tale friends in need… Papa Rooster becomes exasperated and encourages Little Red Chicken to make up her own story, which leads to a different kind of interruption from Papa.

Remember every sub job is a chance to connect with students, and for some, to even land a full-term position in the future. Calm your nerves (and your students’!) with these warm, funny stories that are sure to break the ice. Please feel free to contact us for more tips to help you in your long-term position.

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